Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Sewing And The Fireplace

While I wish I could say I was sewing beside a nice fire, I cannot.  But I stitch away on my couch in the basement with the TV on and my husband working on his laptop on the other end of the couch.  We have an exciting life.

I have been working away at finishing the bits to the Mid Century Room box.  The slow pace continues.  I sealed all the window trim paint with matte clear coat.  Paint on plastic trim is a scuff and scratch hazard, so sealing is a must.  Then I repainted the kitchen walls (the same colour) to touch up scuffs.  I am still working on the breakfast bar.  I'm spinning my wheels as I think about an aluminum top or using a wood with a clear acrylic overlay (window "glass").  I'm going to test the wood one first and see if I like it.

The Fireplace

The fireplace continues!  Inside the fire place is the flickering fire LEDs from Evans Design. The wires run out the bottom of the room box to a little ledge where the coin battery rests for ease of access.  The LED light wire for the ceiling also run behind the fireplace and out the bottom (still thinking about that light).  The flames are cut from glue gun glue pieces.  I saw something similar with fake glass flames on TV and thought, why not mini it!?!  The base is filled with clear seed beads.  

As you can see, I have just cut the acrylic sheet for the glass.  The trim will be painted card stock.  Awkward to fit in there with giant hands at a tight angle.  

My Eyes!


In exciting news, I got myself the Bead Buddy Sight Light.  If you ever want to avoid attracting another human being or feel awkward spurning the advances of your loved one, toss this baby on and they'll be running away from you so fast you will see dust.  My husband just looks at me while I wear them and shakes his head.  I grabbed them at Michaels with a 50% off coupon, so it was just $15.  But that is well worth the money as I already wear glasses and any further eye strain won't help as I stitch.

I am only slightly more attractive then the woman on the package when wearing my Sight Light......but when I turn that LED light on at the front...whoa baby, call Vogue!

Stitch It Up!

Do you have a "lust" mini item?  Well, mine was the "Janine" rug from Janet Granger.  So, for Christmas I bought the kit and added it to my list of things to do.  Then right after my petit point workshop finished, I began my odyssey.  Finished, it is 8.2 x 5.1 inches worked in Appletons crewel wood on 18 count canvas.  I figure approximately 13,400 stitches in total.  It took 15 days and about 70 hours (likely more).  I stitched every spare moment I could! Its a very forgiving pattern, meaning, when your count is off here and there (*cough cough*) you can just correct it in the busy pattern and no one can tell.

And now that I have been bitten by the stitching bug, I snagged myself the Stitch Step By Step book.  It has all the fun embroidery stitches you need to make amazing mini pillows.  You can find these stitches on the internet, but instead of my iPad turning off as I stitch and all that hassle, I now have a great reference book that is much more handy. From start to completely finishing a pillow I am down to 4.5-5 hours of embroidery time, which is pretty efficient from my perspective. 

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Still Alive!

Yes, yes, I am still alive and kicking.  Minus a little Instagram play, I had been busy prepping like a mad woman for my Petit Point workshop at The Little Dollhouse Company.  I`m now done!  It went fantastic.  I might have blinded the participants with those tiny 30 count stitches, but we all had a great time.

I am now on a mission to finish my mid century room box.  But I will share some of my progress with the kitchen for now.  The exterior is done.  I need to seal and touch up window trim inside.  The big project will be securing the electrical underneath, designing a light fixture that will hang from the ceiling (and work) and finish the fireplace.

In the kitchen I need to complete the breakfast bar on the wall opposite the kitchen set up.  I did finish the extractor hood, but I got a new phone and those pictures are still on the old phone.  Another day, another project!

Also, I apologize for the picture quality.  I gave up trying to find the time to take it outside to photograph and just shot it in the basement.  Sigh.

I ran my LED lights through the hole I cut in the wall.  I wasn`t sure at the time what I was going to run, so I left lots of space.  The LED strip lights came from Dollarama.  I almost lost my mind.  Nano strip lights with resistors built in.  Just cut to the desired length and its attached to a battery pack.  It`s like the heavens parted and gave me the BEST GIFT EVER!  And I have a million lights left, so I bought more battery packs on Ebay that I can attach to it. 

I used simple bass wood make the cabinet boxes, then glued on the fronts.  Under the upper cabinets have a small lip along the bottom that conceals the LED strip (4 lights).

The back splash is corrugated wood from the railway store.  Its supposed to be railway scale roofing.  But as soon as I saw it I knew what I wanted it for!

As I worked with my dollar store LEDs I immediately thought, what if they die! (not like the ones you buy on Ebay are any different, but I`m paranoid).  So, to ensure I can access them, I put half inch brackets on the wall.  The cabinets sit on them and are flush to the wall.  I will end up securing them on with museum wax.  But this way, I can always get to the lights and the wiring.

When I get my photos off my old phone (I still miss you my sweet Blackberry), I will post a tutorial on how I made the stainless steel applicance faces.  But, the short of it is I took a Homax wall repair kit from Walmart and used the stainless steel sheets it came with.  Sooooooooooo much cheaper then hobby store aluminum.  Then, I bent it around thin wood. I`m quite pleased with it.

The sink came from The Little Dollhouse Company.  I drilled holes in the bottom, added mesh and a ring for enhanced sink-ness.  The counter top is faux granite.  The faux part being me with pastels drawing and shading lines in.  But then I almost lost them as I sealed with with a water based sealer.  Ha.....but seriously, I almost cried.

And here it is lit and unlit! Those lights are bright!  I just got some of Marion Russek`s light switches and plugs from Shapeways that I will be adding in too.

And in other news.....

Before my Petit Point workshop I squeezed in some shopping at The Little Dollhouse Company.  As if I could leave empty handed!  I also grabbed some floral kits and 1 inch scaled fabrics.  Most of the lights are for my NEXT build.  Always planning ahead.....or I`m a sucker for cute minis.

Table, floor and ceiling lights

Food and cleaning products

Art box by Ella M. Reulbach

Large basket by Al Chandronnait. Washboard by Sir Tom Thumb

And in honor of all the women marching worldwide in the Women`s March.....

......from one Nasty Woman to the blog world....

Friday, 30 December 2016

Happy New Year!

May your hangover be mild and your 2017 be awesome.

I will ring it in on my couch with my husband.  We shall munch on a selection of appetizers and call that dinner.  All while we watch the terrible New Year celebration coverage on TV!

While I have achieved many of my 2016 mini goals, I promise to show you my room box progress soon!  And Merry Christmas to me....I purchased the 2012 Greenleaf Spring Fling build to tinker with this year!

Friday, 23 December 2016

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Petit Point Workshop Announcement!

Yup, that's me!! I'm teaching a basics of petit point workshop at The Little Dollhouse Company.  If you were ever thinking of planning a trip to Toronto this winter, might an afternoon with me and petit point seal the deal?

Just remember that Toronto has transit and there is plenty of street and Green P parking!

If there was ever a time to want to tackle a new skill in a fun, friendly, and relaxed atmosphere, then this is it.  Plus, since its in The Little Dollhouse Company's store, you can enjoy a bit of shopping and treat yourself to something new and mini after you stitch.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

And A Little Bit Of Everything Mini!

I have been shuffling between life and minis.  Not too many major accomplishments of recent, but I've been puttering!!

I entered the above photo in the Janet Granger stitching contest.  You needed a minimum of 4 of her kits in a picture....which I more then have in my stash!  I didn't win, but I quite enjoy this picture.

I decided to continue to tackle the backlog of kits in my basement.  After the Brampton show, and seeing the number of "extra" things people were selling, I didn't want to become a hoarder and need to sell in 10 years.  So I started the pile!!

I assembled the Realife Miniatures music room kit.  See those happy people on the box? They must be on some serious recreational drugs.  I swore, had a hissy fit and almost threw some of the items across the room.  Could they have made the parts fit anymore poorly together? Nope.  The "sand to fit" concept resulted in me cutting off (with my Dremel), part of the sofas rolled arms.  There was easily 5cm extra of solid wood (not balsa).  No sanding would fix that.

Then, they suggested that the sheet music rest on the piano (the black part), should fit into the rectangle below it so it could lay flat.  Huh? Huh???  

And then I discovered this box actually contained almost enough parts for a second piano and a third set of one off piano parts.  That made things even more confusing!  But thankfully the kit was painted in DecoArt black paint, which I had, so fixing the parts was relatively easy once I muddled through building what was missing.

Then I moved on to some very fun and very affordable laser cut wood kits made by Liz West of Taffy & Me.  She just relaunched her website, so check it out!  The wall mirror kit I made could also become a divider with additional kits, or instead of a mirror you could add photos.  The end tables and the coffee tables are very sturdy.  I might get the matching sofa table when I order again.

Then I was at Dollarama last week and found miniature furniture!! I would say its more 1:16 in scale.  The two long dressers became mine, and the others became Miss Kitty's.  She was in heaven.

I sanded my two dressers down.  I used a burnt umber with staining medium to stain the exterior, then painted the (faux) drawers black.  It better hides the fact they don't open.  I used 1/4 round styrene painted copper for handles. 

Back to kits I went!  I dug out some kitchen printies from Paper Minis.  It was slightly more involved then usual, hence why they were put in the "gonna get to it one day" box.  But I'm in love!

The Shopping Sherpa had her hand in these too.  She had sent me the I love minis mug and the blue cutting board.  Yes, its a plastic cutting board!!!! I love it.  The toaster and expresso maker are Mini Fanaberia that I bought from Small Scale Showcase.

And I will post the ongoing saga of my mid century Ikea dollhouse hack turned roombox.  I've put it aside with all the Christmas stuff that needed attending too.  I'm almost done with windows.  Note to self, while styrene is cheap and awesome to hold in window "glass", it takes a lot of paint to get a solid coat of dark brown.  Not doing that again!! I'm excited to tackle the roombox kitchen next.  Much more enjoyable.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

This Is Not A Christmas Post!

While I despise all the early Christmas stuff out, it is kinda fun when you want to make minis out of ornaments!!  And you might be shocked I wrote two posts in one week, right? Well, I needed to keep away from the TV after watching "America, The Finale."  Minis make me feel better. 

I apologize for not taking pictures before I hacked the ornaments.  You will have to use your imagination.  The brass tables were all made from these medium size geometric shapes (prisms, diamonds, etc.).  Very of the moment in design.  Not my thing for Christmas, but I saw the potential for minis.  

I used my metal wire snips and cut them down.  Bent some wires here and there and added plastic sheets for table tops.  And I just couldn't post pictures of I had to style them!

Side note - photographing in dull fall light is terrible! and all that reflective plastic, ugh.  My apologies for the picture quality.

Then.....I saw a clearance tag.  That's like a beacon for me.  Three little metal birdcages were left there...begging me to take them home.  At $1.50 each, I saw hell yeah!!

I snipped off the curved top to the bird cages to make a square table and flipped them over.  You can see the cages opening on the back side if you look closely.  Meh.

I took two of the tops and bent them into egg like table objects (see above picture with the coffee table).  I took the last top and made a bowl.  I even used the off snips of coffee table metal to make triagular table objects.

Christmas might be my new favourite season...for minis!!